Submit a Business Plan

At I-4 Capital Partners, we look to empower our companies to change the world. Working with I-4 Capital Partners isn′t just about getting funding. We also provide expertise and advice, and like to think of the entrepreneurs that we work with as team members, and it becomes our goal to help take concepts to the next level.

The overarching theme of I-4 Capital Partners focus is an emphasis of sustainability and social responsibility. Our primary areas of focus include: education, health services, finance, philanthropy, and energy. We are actively searching for new concepts and ideas to work with.

If you think your opportunity, concept, or company meets our funding criteria, please submit an executive summary. We look for executive summaries that answer the following questions:

  • What is the market pain?
  • Who are the Founders? What are their backgrounds?
  • What is the story? How did the concept come about?
  • How is the concept sustainable?
  • How will the concept influence people´s lives?
  • Can the concept be applied to other areas?
  • How much funding is required?

We look for these executive summaries to be a story-not a sales tool. They will be imperfect-but don′t worry, ours always needs some more work as well.

As a note, please know we will not sign an NDA that is submitted through this form. We receive so many requests that a review of each received would impede our ability to do business. Our professionalism and ability to conduct future business is based on our ability to be discrete and individual´s confidence in us. If you require an NDA, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide you with a copy of ours.

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